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As a small business owner, you might be interested to know that in 2011, email brought in $40.56 for every dollar that was invested in it. In comparison to the ROI of catalogs at $7.30, the internet search return of $22.24, the internet display advertising return of $19.72, and the mobile return of $10.51, email is quite profitable. As well, online sales are expected to grow from 7 percent to 9 percent as a total of retail sales by the year 2016. Thus, small businesses should consider working with Boston search engine optimization companies as a way to maximize online marketing presence. Small business owners may be better off outsourcing Search Engine Optimization projects to a Boston seo company than trying to tackle them in house. Should you choose to outsource to a Boston SEO services firm, your likelihood of increasing search engine rankings and online sales will increase exponentially.

The firms specializing in Search Engine Optimization Boston projects are savvy about the importance of social networking for small businesses. Currently, there are 850 active users on Facebook, and in the past two years there has been an increase of 83 percent in the number of marketers who believe Facebook is either critical or important to business and marketing models. SEO Boston companies can help you to reach the Facebook demographic by facilitating an authentic and meaningful dialog between your business and potential new customers.

Facebook is not the only social networking site that Boston Search Engine Optimization companies are familiar with. 40 percent of marketers use Google+, and 70 percent attest to wanting to learn more about Google+. 67 percent of marketers, including those at Boston Search Engine Optimization firms, plan on increasing their Google+ activities over time. This data predicts an overall up tick in the trend of Google+ as an online marketing vehicle, and the Boston Search Engine Optimization company that you choose to partner with can get you in on the ground floor of the Google+ marketing revolution.

Besides Email, Facebook, and Google+, Boston Search Engine Optimization firms understand the importance of blogging as a means of increasing online presence. Marketing professionals who work for Boston Search Engine Optimization companies are aware that blogging is a highly profitable marketing tool. Businesses that focus on blogging for marketing purposes have 434 percent more indexed pages than companies who do not.

When you work with Boston Search Engine Optimization companies, you will have access to the expertise and knowledge of a highly creative and hardworking team that can help you to increase your search engine rankings very quickly. Another bonus of working with a Boston Search Engine Optimization firm is that outsourcing your SEO projects will free up your company to spend time and energy on other activities like coming up with new product lines.

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