This video talks about the daily maintenance of your boiler room. In addition, the video reviews a checklist of steps you can do daily for your boiler maintenance.

The bottom boiler blowdown helps to remove the solids that have accumulated in the boiler.

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Solids fall to the bottom because they are heavier than water.

Next is blowing down the water column. The water column controls the level of the water in the boiler and prevents the boiler from having low levels of water.

Record the data about the temperature and boiler pressure. You should check the pressure when you have a steady load. This helps you ensure that your boiler is maintaining pressure. Also, this enables you to ensure that your boiler is big enough. The stack temperature alerts you about what is happening inside the boiler. If you have scale in your boiler, it releases heat.

Check the gas pressure and regulator. The gas regulator regulates how much gas goes to the burner.

Check for anything that prevents the flame from being consistent. You know what the flame of your burner looks like, and you want to ensure it looks the same.

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