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Great Ideas for Pharmacy School Graduation Gifts

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 30th, 2017. Posted in Military retirement plaques, Plaque of appreciation, Retirement award

Police retirement gifts

When you have a relative, friend, or loved one graduating from pharmacy school, you want to do something nice for them. You want to give them something to recognize their hard work and dedication that enabled them to get through the program and graduate.

Some people go for practical gifts that may be used once working as a pharmacy, but others may not know what kinds of things a pharmacists needs in order to buy a practical gift. For some, it is more about the sentiment of giving them something that shows their dedication. This may include graduation plaques that an be hung in their office or workspace once they get a job. There are many option

5 Ways to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Theives

Written by Small Business Magazine on December 27th, 2017. Posted in Alarm and card access systems, Cctv philadelphia, Sonitrol security

Commercial security services

Every year, thousands of people are victims of home robberies. It is estimated that people lost about $4.5 billion in property loses in 2013 and about three quarters of that was from home burglaries. In addition to getting the right security alarm company to install a security systems, there are things you can to make thieves think twice before going to your home.

  1. Do not leave a key anywhere burglars can find it. This probably seems like it should be a given. It should also be a given that people should not use “123456″ for there password but a surprisingly high number of people do. All over the country, people leave the keys to their home under the front mat or in a flower pot. The problem is that criminals know that. They know where to look for keys. If you want to leave a spar

5 Branding Tips to Utilize During Trade Shows

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Trade show booth

Many businesses are realizing how helpful it is to attend trade shows. Trade shows allow businesses to display their products and service to a wide array of attendees. In turn, attendees get to find out more information about a company. In fact, statistics show that the average trade show attendee will spend nearly nine hours visiting various exhibitor booths. Following a few tips will help ensure these attendees get to see exactly what your brand is about. With that in mind, here are five great branding tips to follow while attending trade shows.

  1. Attract Attention With a Large Booth

    The right kind of trade show display can help take your brand to a whole new level. Continue Reading No Comments

Why You Need To Get Your Septic Tank Pumped Sooner Rather Than Later

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Portable toilets

Owning a septic tank requires a bit of work. Much of what is handled by your cities or local plumbers has to be maintained by you and your family if you’re to enjoy comfortable living, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Septic tank pumping is a skill you can hone over time with a little practice and a little research, both of which will be explored in the article below. Failing to attend properly to your septic tank can result in clogs and even leaks if you’re not careful, so take some extra time today to improve your skill so you can approach the next year stress-free.

How Large Is Your Family?

Get this question answered straight off the bat, as this will factor into your septic tank pumping rates significantly. In fact, there are four major factors that will influence how ofte

Three Easy Ways to Donate Clothing to Those Who Need It

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Charitable donations

Spring cleaning and going through the closet to find unwanted clothing is something most people do at least once a year, to make room for items they want. Many people think it’s easiest to throw their clothing away. Often, this is because they aren’t sure what to do with the items. There are many ways to give clothing to those who could use it, through a licensed charity. With the help of clothing drop off sites, charities that come and pick up unwanted items, and visiting the charities themselves, there are many ways to contribute to others and get a tax deduction too. Here are some of the ways folks can help others with their used clothing donations.

Having a Pick-Up Arranged

Some people cannot get to a clothing drop off site and need someone to come and Continue Reading No Comments

A Guide to Aviation Insurance Agency

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Qbe aircraft insurance

The world of insurance can be puzzling and hard to understand for people who are on the outside looking in. this is why most people will defer to the help of a health insurance agency and health insurance agent when trying to get themselves the best deal. However, most people are unaware of the fact that there are so many different types of insurance that people are not keen to.

When people find out there are aviation companies that get insurance from an aviation insurance agency they are shocked and surprised. However, this form of insurance is imperative for any aviation company and is a huge part of being able to fly people in airplanes as well. Here are some facts on what

Heat Exchangers From Parallel-Flow to Plate-and-Frame

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Heat exchangers are important devices that are used in a variety of industries. As their name indicates, these devices transfer heat in order to accomplish various tasks and create specific conditions. Fuel oil heaters and hot water storage tanks are just two types of devices that function due to having a heat exchanger.

The Heat Transfer Process

The Second Law of Thermodynamics describes how a heat transfer occurs between two fluids. Per this law, heat is only able to flow from hotter to cooler fluids. In order for this transfer to take place, the two fluids need to be at different temperatures and come into thermal contact. This process involves convection in each fluid and then conduction through the wall that separates them.

These devices work by transferring heat between the following types of sub

Renting Warehouses What Matters

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Commercial property for rent orlando

If someone were to approach you on the streets and asked if you wanted to invest in renting a warehouse, you would probably think they are crazy. This is because the idea of renting a warehouse or leasing a warehouse sounds absolutely ridiculous. However, commercial warehousing space is a hot commodity right now thanks to Amazon and other companies that are utilizing this space for their e-commerce production.

Leasing retail space is already a co

Do You Know Your Excavation Shoring Options?

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types of shoring for excavation

Excavation and trenching projects can be dangerous. With the risk of collapses and cave-ins, workers can unknowingly be in harm’s way. This is why excavation shoring systems are key. There are several types of shoring for excavations that can keep your crew safe during these types of projects.

When do I need a shoring system?
If you are working in a trench five feet deep or greater, the trench will need a shoring system unless the excavation is made of stable rock. Crews working in trenches 20 feet deep or greater will need to have a professional engineer design the system. While these are the minimum requirements, you can also take precautions with a shoring system if your trench is less deep than these benchmarks.

What factors should I consider when choosing a shoring system?
Soil quality and other environmental conditions are key in determining which shoring system to use. As mentioned above, an excavation made of solid rock will require less protection than one made of moist soil. The soil inside and surrounding the trench should be considered, as should any recent rainfall. To further pinpoint these conditions, your crew should hire an outside professional.

What are the different types of shoring systems?
The following are some of the most common types of shoring types of shoring for excavation available on the market.

  • Hydraulic Shoring: This strut and wale system is often made of steel, making it one of the most durable shoring methods. The braces hold steady against the trench wall and adapt easily to various widths.
  • Timber Shoring: While less popular than hydraulic methods, timber shoring is made out of wood. This is often a less expensive option.
  • Aluminum Shoring: Aluminum is a highly durable material but is lighter weight than steel. For this reason, many construction crews prefer aluminum shoring methods. These materials are easily transported and stored.

Remember: Your crew’s shoring needs will likely vary by project. This is why renting is often a viable option. When you begin a new project, you can rent the system and then start again on the next project. And if you are not sure which shoring method to rent, your equipment rental company can help you decide.