Need Help Starting a Business? Start With These Three Tips

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More than two-thirds of small business owners do not regret their decision to start a small business, according to the 2012 Bank of America Small Business Owner Report. Whether or not you will be happy with your decision will ultimately depend on the success of your business, so it is important to get started on the right path. There is help for small businesses owners out there, once you know where to look and how to start.

If you need help starting a business, then your first step might be using this brief guide.

  1. Secure business formation documents.

One of the most important, and yet still optional documents, is the business plan. According to Intuit, only 49% of businesses have one! The business plan is your official map and goals for the business. The process of wr

So You Are Starting a New Company, Have You Decided on a Legal Status?

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Starting a new business endeavor is always exciting, until you get down to some of the details such as the legal status of a company, by-laws, and other forms, certifications, and procedures that must be carried out. Defining the legal status will have a bearing on several incredibly important factors, such as the payment of taxes, investments that can be made in your company, and the liability or financial security you can expect.

Business formation types generally fall into one of three categories when you need to determine the company legal status. Business formats include sole proprietorship, general partnership, and becoming either a Corporation or “S” corporation. There are also limited liability companies, which you may want to consider after discussion with a lawyer.

  1. Sole proprieto

For Some of the Best Advice, Turn to Small Business Magazines

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When you want advice from some of the best businesses around, do not bother starting big. After all, how much help can a corporate giant give to a mom and pop organization? Sure, there are goals to aspire to, but the tips that the Fortune 500s are going to be giving out may not necessarily apply. That being said, just because they are not market behemoths does not mean you should discount the pros of their fields. I am talking about small businesses and small business magazines.

Our current culture makes us automatically equate the term Small Business with unsuccessful, broke, unable to excel in the market. It leads us to believe that they are only small business because they are not good enough to be big business. And that is just plain incorrect. A small business is small because it chooses to be, nothing mo

Sometimes You Can Feel at a Loss As a Small Business in a Big Business World No Need To Feel That Way

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I wholeheartedly commend anyone who owns and runs a small business. Even 40 years ago it was a brave and bold undertaking. And now, with the internet boom and the market goliaths that you must contend with, you are certainly more likely to fail than succeed in the business. And that is a downright shame. Because more people should be willing to support those brave souls who risk everything in order to run a business that they feel passionate about, and not pay the corporate fat cats any more.

That being said, it can be very difficult to keep your head above water in the market saturated with that big business. It is like being in a kayak on the ocean with a bunch of battle ships. You do not even register to them. But, take some solace in that you are not alone. There are plenty of small businesses all over th

Small Business Magazines Describe Traditional Marketing Strategies

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In the past, smaller mom and pop shops and larger multinational corporations relied upon traditional marketing strategies to capture and retain customers for the products and the services that they wanted to sell to their customers. According to small business magazines, each company relied upon a different marketing strategy to capture and retain customers for their products and their services. However, these small business magazines also suggest that some of the most successful companies used the same kinds of marketing strategies to capture and retain customers for their products and services.

According to these small business magazines, one of the most popular of these traditional marketing strategies consisted of placing beautiful print ads in newspapers, magazines, professional journals, and other pri

Three Things Small Business Magazines Offer

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When you are a small business, there are many things you need to keep in mind about optimizing your company performance. Many experts recommend reading a small business magazine in order to keep yourself informed about the latest trends in the business world, and so that you are aware of how different government tax and employee policies will affect you. What are some things you might find out about if you pick up small business magazines?

First, search engine optimization is one way small businesses are getting in on a larger online market. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves the creation of quality content usually in the form of blurbs, articles, and blogs, that appear on or off the website and contain a suitable percentage of keywords and phrases. Many companies now invest in SEO as a way to increase their search engine rankings, considering how important rankings are to web visibility. People often use search engines to find local services, and the majority of people never scroll past the first page of results.

Second, many small businesses are concerned with how the new health care laws will affect their business. Businesses with more than 50 employees, less than 50 employees, and less than 25 employees all have different regulation rules to play by. Small business magazines say that it is a good idea to understand the specifics of the laws that will affect your business as a result of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise you risk being found in violation of the law, and you can be fined.

Third, many businesses are learning to cut back on unnecessary expenditures in order to keep overhead low and profits high. Small business magazines report that many companies are outsourcing labor that is traditionally done in office, such as receptionists, office help, and online marketing. This is especially useful for businesses who do not wish to keep set hours, or who do not experience enough desk or phone traffic to make it worthwhile to hire a receptionist who only has a few hours of actual work.

Using Little Magazines to Build a Big Business

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If you are reading this, then you have been there. You have finished up school, and for one of many reasons (being a leader rather than a follower, following the beat of your own drum, being too unique for the rat race), you opted to start your own small business. First off, congratulations. This country was built on the backs of small business, and small business is what keeps it healthy in an increasingly global economy. The question, then, is how do you take your small business and make it truly thrive?

Often, running a small business can be very isolating. You may think that you are the first one to encounter some of the problems your business is facing. You should never stand alone, and there are a variety of resources, such as business magazines (including specifically small business magazines) that can guide you as you build your business from a budding dream to a flourishing reality.

There are many potential resources for your business in a small business magazine. Perhaps most useful are the columns. If you know where to look, you can find a column on just about any topic, ranging from supply side issues, shipping tips and tricks, economic theory and how to utilize the digital world in the best way for your business.

The articles in small business magazines are also useful. Perhaps you have not yet started your small business, and are looking for ideas. These magazines often feature stories of up and coming entrepreneurs and how they turned a simple idea into a going concern. Some articles focus on youthful business owners, teenagers who are already millionaires. Other articles look at career changers, who went from the cubicle to the chief executive officers desk by harnessing an idea. Regardless of where you are in your life or career, small business magazines contain articles with stories from which you can gain knowledge and (perhaps most importantly) inspiration.

Small business magazines have adapted to the world that business owners live in. No longer do you actually need a physical magazine gain the benefits I mentioned earlier. The vast majority of small business magazines have Apps for all of your business gadgets. Whether you are sitting in your office or sitting in first class on an international flight, you can easily consult these now digitally portable mines of business acumen.

Small business magazines are also remarkably inexpensive, particularly when contrasted with all of the nuggets of business knowledge they provide. As such, do not fail to make use of these valuable resources. Other small business owners and entrepreneurs are out there, dealing with the same problems with their businesses that you have with yours. They have developed potential solutions to the problems your business has (or may have). Being educated does not always require four years of school and thousands of dollars. Sometimes, the best education has glossy pages and three staples. Take advantage of these resources and watch your business reap the financial rewards.

Traditional Marketing Strategies are on the Wane

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In the past, most businesses (large corporations and small mom and pop shops alike) marketed their products and services with recourse to traditional marketing strategies. Popular marketing strategies included planting print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and small business magazines. Other popular marketing strategies included word of mouth advertising. Still other popular marketing strategies included showcasing their products and services at annual or semi annual conventions; the most successful businesses ensured that their products were represented at conventions which attracted thousands (if not millions) of potential investors and customers.

Today, however, the internet has obviated many of these traditional marketing strategies. So many users learn about new products and services through Google searches, or through the ads that are posted on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter that companies who rely exclusively upon print advertisements and word of mouth buzz are practically doomed from the start. Marketing experts, many of whom write for business magazines, urge corporations to develop strong internet marketing campaigns; if these writers who work for business magazines can be believed, a company’s failure to develop a strong internet marketing campaign will generate less than half of the revenue as their competitors (if they’re lucky). According to these experts who write for business magazines, strong internet marketing campaign will focus on developing an online or social media presence. It will also focus on developing an easily navigable website for the company’s products and services, and if possible, it will build a website which allows customers to bypass the brick and mortar stores altogether; instead, they can order products directly from the company itself.

However, these experts who write for small business magazines don’t by any means encourage companies to abandon traditional marketing strategies altogether. Just because these strategies are becoming less effective in the age of the internet does not mean that they are completely worthless. For example, some companies who are eager to jump onto the digital bandwagon forget that many customers (especially senior citizens) are not as technologically literate as the younger generation. According to these experts who write for business magazines, companies who forget this fact and market their products and services exclusively through online services risk alienating a large potential market. Consequently, these experts encourage companies to balance internet marketing with traditional marketing strategies.

Stay Ahead Of The Market By Reading Small Business Magazines

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If you look around on the web, the consensus is that print journalism is dead. People claim that news and reporting has evolved to being an exclusively online service, saying that even a business magazine is in danger of closing its doors these days. However, business magazines are far from extinct. Any owner of a small business will want help in any area where they can find. A small business magazine can provide an entrepreneur with excellent guidance. In fact, a small business magazine can help an entrepreneur keep on top of the necessary growth trends for their specific work at segment.

This is where small business magazines have migrated. The day of a general business magazine might be limited, but niche small business magazines still have a place on coffee tables across the nation. These magazines are able to cater to general contractors that need help running their business. Accounting firms still rely on publications to keep up with trends and changes to their profession. Any professional operating within a trade industry keeps up with small business magazines that informs them of changes to that trade. Commodities and foreign exchange in particular are areas where small business magazines continue to thrive.

This is why subscription to a magazine that is relevant to your small business is a smart decision. The reporting conducted by experts at these publications could mean the difference between catching a trend early and adapting your business model, or remaining oblivious to changes and getting buried by your inability to adapt. Managing your operational budget requires a lot of advance notice. Reporters that keep their ear to the ground and then share scoops with business owners are valuable resources.

Most small businesses do not have the budget to hire researchers that keep the company informed of changes to their industry. They choose to rely on expert reports regularly about what is happening within a specific market segment or industry at large. If you would like to find small business magazines relevant to your industry, start your search on the web. Speak with fellow entrepreneurs in your industry to discover which small business magazines they read. In fact, it can help to simply network at local association meetings or other events. You can typically find new publications at these events by asking other people in your field which publications they read to ensure future success, then subscribing to those publications yourself.

Small Business Stay Informed and Carry On

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Small business magazines can greatly enhance the knowledge base of people who are members of a fairly close knit community. There are many things about small business that people are unaware of. And few people realize how big a role organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce have played in American civic life.

For example, it was a Chamber of Commerce that originally targeted Al Capone for income tax evasion, which would eventually put the famous ganglord in prison. Small business magazines can also inform people of some of the small businesses and start ups that are coming to define job growth in the United States.

Job growth is, to a large extent, driven by start ups. Small businesses can also lead to job growth in the long run. Business leaders at either one of these organizations are some of the articles that small business magazines might provide. Small business magazines might also inform people of some of the tax breaks or deductions to which they might be entitled.

It is for this reason that small business magazines might remain an important part of American commercial life. These are not the only magazines that people might consider consulting if they are starting a small business. People might investigate multimedia options. But small business magazines can go a long way toward providing people with more information when it comes to the topsy turvey world of business.

A small business magazine is not the only sort of magazine that people should consider consulting to put people where they need to be. But it can be one of the most important magazines that people use for these purposes. Magazines are great resources, in spite of being an older technology. The fact that people print them makes them, in some ways, more valuable as a resource to numerous people.