Here in the United States, the average home will contain as many as 300,000 objects – a huge amount by just about any standards. Unfortunately, this means that many a home in this country is quite cluttered indeed and could very much do with a cleaning out. One way to go about this is to clean out all of the closet spaces in the home, including the clothing closets.

It can be hard to part with clothing, though, there is no doubt about it. For many people, clothing can hold a great deal of sentimental value. But while it’s certainly okay to hold onto some cherished pieces, others should be let go. Anything that is not the right size should also be gotten rid of, no matter whether or not you’re currently in the process of trying to lose weight or even gain it back.

How frequently you wear various pieces of clothing can also very much influence what stays in your closet and what ends up going. For instance, those who live in the parts of the country that only experience two seasons at the most should be getting rid of various articles of clothing as soon as six months have passed without wearing it. This can certainly be difficult, but it is something that is likely to be quite hugely beneficial at the end of the day.

And almost everybody is likely to have an excess of clothing, simply due to the fact that Americans own more clothing nowadays than ever before in history. In fact, the average woman back in the year of 1930 would own, on average, only just nine outfits in total. In today’s world, however, the typical American woman is actually likely to own and wear up to 30 completely different outfits, meaning that she will have one for just about every single day of the month (depending on the month).

So what should you do with your old clothing? Donating used clothing to charity is a great way to go about things, and you’ll even end up helping families in need in your community. While giving money is always welcome, clothing donations are a great way to go about helping families in need for those who are not able to make a donation in the form of a monetary amount due to their own budget constraints. But even just one clothing donation given to a clothing drop off location can end up making a bigger difference than one might realize when it comes to helping families in need.

And though helping families in need is of course hugely important, helping families in need is not the only reason to give used clothing in the form of clothes donations. Aside from helping families in need, giving your used clothing to charities with the aim of helping families in need will actually help the environment as well. In fact, more than four and a half billion pounds of clothing are donated each and ever year, clothing that will not end up in the landfill alongside the more than ten and a half million tons of thrown away clothing on a yearly basis. And though only around 15% of all old clothing is donated instead of just being thrown away and sent to a landfill, the change that has been made has already been quite a significant one – and only likely to become more and more so in the years that are to come.

The value of charitable donations is a high one not just here in the United States but in many other places all around the world as well. After all, the benefits of charitable donations are multi-faceted, ranging from the very noble cause of helping families in need to helping our environment by reducing waste. In the case of many charitable organizations, both of these goals and causes can be satisfied at once, something that will help our world in so many different ways and help people to feel like they are doing something good and worthwhile, something that can make a difference in many lives.

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