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When companies have a strong presence and deliver a positive customer experience, chances are that they will also experience business growth. In many cases, this growth can be exponential, particularly when a company has strong leadership and engaged employees.

Studies show that when an employer’s brand has a negative reputation, potential employees may not even consider working there. According to a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, 11% of the job-seeking participants stated that they would reject a job offer from one of these types of employers. Since the current trend for many job seekers is to research companies prior to applying, this also signifies the importance of having a positive online presence.

Robert Half conducted a recent survey that revealed the perspectives of 1,400 executives. The results showed that for 36% of these executives, the major factor that lead to failed hires was a poor skills match. The second contributing factor for 30% of these executives was unclear performance objectives. It’s important to note that these factors are not taking job performance issues into consideration.

After being hired, an undesirable company culture, along with other workplace conditions, can make a significant difference in whether or not someone chooses to remain in a position. MRINetwork conducted the 2016 Recruiter and Employer Sentiment Study, which discovered the three primary reasons why 72% of job candidates left their prior positions. While opportunities for advancement was the primary reason, better compensation packages came in second. The third reason was the desire for a better company culture.

On the upside, however, when companies offer a solid package of benefits, chances are that employees will have positive things to say about their employers. The survey also showed that 65% of the employees that worked at companies which offered 11 or more benefits would recommend their employers. There are a variety of popular methods to recommend a specific employer. These include posting to social media platforms, writing reviews, and otherwise communicating that a company is a great place to work.

There’s more to being employed than just receiving a paycheck. Most employees, for example, want to be recognized for their abilities and accomplishments. When employers have employee recognition programs, the work environment tends to be more positive and productive. A recent survey showed that worker happiness increased with 86% of the companies that chose to implement these programs.

When employees are engaged with their jobs and experience a positive sense of well-being, this flows into other areas of their lives. These types of employees are 42% more likely to assess their overall lives as being more positive. Furthermore, if they have experienced an illness, injury, or other type of hardship, they are seven percent more likely to fully recover when their jobs are viewed as meaningful. In other words, they look forward to returning to work.

It often takes a considerable amount of time to fill open positions with qualified personnel. Since 2014, for instance, 45% of employers indicated that this time period has actually increased. In order to expedite this process, many employers have realized that outsourcing can be beneficial.

If your company is actively engaged in recruiting applicants, have you been utilizing applicant tracking or recruiting software to assist you with this process? Many hiring managers have found these and other types of software to be effective with improving their overall hiring process. While a recent survey showed that 75% of hiring managers are utilizing these tools, outsourcing this task to a human resources consulting firm can be beneficial.

In addition to providing employee recruitment services, there are other benefits of a HR consultant. When you outsource vital services to an HR consulting firm, they can provide human resources support and employee retention services. Furthermore, the benefits of a HR consultant firm extend to their handling risk management and payroll management.

Since you want your company to be successful and experience continued business growth, you can learn more detailed information on the benefits of a HR consultant when you schedule your initial consultation. It’s highly likely that you will discover even more benefits of a HR consultant as soon as they partner with your company.

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