This YouTube video is a clip of a morning news program that highlights the booming escape room industry. Escape Room Expert is the company featured in this report.

Over the last few years, businesses have used the services offered by companies like Escape Room Expert as team-building exercises for their employees.

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The scenario involves putting employees in an escape room in which they have an hour to find their way out. They are monitored and videotaped as they plot their escape by solving riddles and finding hidden clues.

The owners of Escape Room Expert have a 6000-squre foot building with 5 rooms. They average 400 customers a week. At $30 per person, their monthly sales total $80,000.

Most clients are big companies like FedEx, Frito Lay, and Seven Eleven. People who work well together eventually escape from the room. The owners of Escape Room Expert caution that the smartest person in the office isn’t always the best teammate in the escape room. Overthinking is a big obstacle to escape. Those who think too deeply about a problem tend to miss answers that are right in front of them. An escape room adventure can improve company morale because it allows team members to communicate, work together, and think creatively..

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