The security manufacturers have continued to improve padlocks by making them safer for your use. Locksmiths are thus forced to use more than auto jiggler, key extractors, and key cutters to perform their duties. The oldest known locks are roughly 4,000 years old and were made by Egyptians. They were typically large wooden bolts to secure doors. Check out the tools for locksmiths list that are essential for any locksmith.

  • Power cordless drill: There are various tools for locksmiths available, but a power drill is a must-have. It comes in handy when you have a lockout scenario, during installations, maintenance, and safe works among other locksmiths’ jobs. You can use your drills to bore holes where you plan to install new locks, use it to remove screws very quickly, and drill into a safe if you need to. Remember to invest in power and to have the necessary drill bits.
  • Laser key cutter and duplicator: Twenty years ago, you needed to have one machine, and you could cut through any key. But the automation of keys to high-security keys has come with new milling machines. These keys include Tibbe keys, barrel keys, and Dimple keys which require different machines. Today, you can find machines that can handle all these keys, except machines designed to cut high-security keys. However, these machines will come in handy when you need to cut car keys and padlock keys.
  • Car key programming equipment: One of the significant challenges people face includes broken keys. But once a locksmith has successfully used their car lock pick, they need to extract the keys from the lock. All this requires skills and tact if you are to do it successfully. Once you are done, you need to make a duplicate and program the key so it will continue to turn and run and the car. Without proper programming, the car will stop after a few seconds.
  • Angle grinder: Sometimes you will meet with a stubborn padlock that won’t open whether you use an electric lock pick or jiggler keys. Some of the world’s best padlocks fall under this category. An angle grinder becomes extremely an extremely important tool to have. Nothing will stand up against this beast, whether you will be dealing with a lock, hasp, or chain. The angle grinder will go through them all. However, this is usually used as a quick fix when bolt cutters and picking the lock does not work. An angle grinder uses less effort than the most sophisticated bolt cutters and will come in handy when you need to get things done quickly.
  • A vice: Some of the situations locksmiths are called to handle include locks that don’t have keys. When gathering your tolls for locksmiths’ job, be sure to remember a vice. A vice comes in handy in holding the key while it is being shaped. You can get a smaller vice that is portable if you take out of office gigs, but you need to have a beefy one for your shop. We have to warn you though, stay clear of vices that are flimsy, especially the ones that use a ball joint. These types of vices hardly stay in position, which makes your work more difficult than it should be.
  • A portable wet and dry vacuum: A lot of people may not see the need for a vacuum, but it’s one of the most essential tools for locksmiths. When drilling at your shop or a client’ home, you need a way to clean the mess you will make. You will also need a vacuum to clean up once you are done servicing someone’s security. You only need a small dry and well vacuum to pick up after yourself in any environment and to clear any residue. You don’t have to sweep things up and try to find a place to place the residue when working with a vacuum.

Tools for locksmiths are an essential part of their jobs if they are to perform their duties. But having the tools is only one side of the coin. You must also have the necessary skills to pick, install, and maintain locks.

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