Almost everyone has painted a room in their home. It takes skill and the proper tools to accomplish. If you enjoy painting, you might wonder how one breaks into the commercial painting field. If being your own boss and enjoying your work appeals to you, then let’s examine the tips in the video.

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What is the IUPAT?

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades or IUPAT is the training ground for professional painters. They’re instructed in:

  • Commercial and residential painting
  • Knowing what surface will take what type of paint
  • Knowing about durability, ease and method of application, as well as customer preferences
  • Ability to navigate artistic finishes on historic buildings

Tip: Attention to detail is the hallmark of the professional painter.

What Skills are Necessary?

Along with prepping the painting area, using brushes, rollers, and paint guns, cleaning the area afterward, you’ll need to know:

  • Local, state, and federal guidelines concerning both the trade and safety
  • Listening and communications during customer relations, asset and project management
  • Technology and the science of engineering
  • Excellent math skills, eyesight, lungs, musculature, and above all, balance

Tip: Study every facet of the job to be the best you can be.

Anything Else?

Remember that painting is a business. You’ll need to look and act like a professional. You’ll need people skills. You’ll need to keep on top of new technology and changes in the profession. The IUPAT will open doors for you, so be thoroughly prepared to go through those doors.

Tip: You’re now a professional. Your customers will appreciate that.

There’s plenty of commercial painting work available now and into the future. A toast to the newly professional painter!


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