A recent Sunday morning sermon began with a story about an angry driver whose bumper was full of stickers proclaiming the Christian message. The sermon went on to ask the question are you living your life following the best proclamations your bumper stickers makes? On the flip side, of course, the sermon could have also talked about the less than positive messages that some bumper stickers send. Either way, there are also many ways we can send a message about how we live our lives through actions, not words.

And in a time when there are so many decisive topics, it may seem like the best way is to be more often silent. Talking less and, instead, acting out your believes may send the. Stronger message. Just as parents are encouraged to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, a better way to send a strong message is through actions.

People who continue to generously and extravagantly sow the seeds of kindness even in the most unlikely of places will likely have a better effect than those who simply preach their message in nonstop dialogue.

Waiting until you find a place where it is safe to share your truth can be exhausting, but living a life that is true to your believes can be motivational, not only to you, but hopefully also to others as well. If nothing else, finding a way to BE KIND to others can help spread a little bit of cheer on the days when others may need it the most:

  • By taking the time to pick up a few pieces of paper that missed the garbage can in the office mail room you can show not only respect for the space, but also for the other workers you spend your days with.
  • Every time that you pause to hold a door for someone or to let another car onto the road you are taking just the few seconds it requires to spread kindness.

  • Kids are keen observers, and while you may explain to them the importance of tidying a space when they leave an area, your actions speak louder. If they see you leave your work out without picking it up when you are done they will do the same with their toys.
  • Instead, it is important for parents to model kindness in the way they interact with every member of the family and every person in the rest of the world.
  • No one wants to raise a rude child, but if you spend your time belittling others while your children are listening, and even when you think they are not, you are sowing the seeds of rudeness, not kindness.
  • Decide to make today the day when you thoughtfully consider the words and the actions that tell the world that you value kindness over any other trait.

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