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Bremerton Resident Learns the Hard Way Who’s Responsible for City Sewer Lines Leading Off Property

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Cipp installation

Who?s responsible for sewer lines? In Bremerton, Washington, resident Chuck Baker noticed that a sewer line extending off his property had started to clog. He assumed that the city would take care of it — the pipes, after all, weren?t on his property.

On Your Property? Too Bad

Not so, according to recent changes to the city?s code. Instead, Baker was on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. The code had been updated so that all pipes extending off a homeowner?s property were effectively ?theirs,? even if the pipe itself was on city property. Baker took the issue up with the city council who approved the bill, as well as the mayor.

While mayor Patty Lent had sympathy for his plight, she draws the line at seeing it as the city?s responsibility since the line?s ?s

Scandalous Emails at the VA Highlight the Need for Professional Legal Staffing

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Legal recruiting and staffing professionals

It should go without saying, but it?s important to have a professional legal staff for your law firm. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has discovered just how important that is this month. In early March, the organization announced that it would be pursuing disciplinary action against three of its attorneys, and would also be lodging complaints against two administrative law judges.

Routine Inspection Uncovers Surprising Emails

The reason? An internal inspector uncovered sexist, discriminatory and racist emails from these team members. According to the VA, its Office of Inspector General had been conducting a routine inspection of their practices but discovered a ?pattern of inappropriate emails that were racist and sexist in tone.?

Of the fiv

Trade Shows How to Break Out and Start Generating the Buzz Your Business Deserves

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The American business world is a dynamic one, demanding that companies adapt and develop at faster rates than ever before to ensure that they remain relevant and secure their longevity into the future. While there are numerous elements that go into a business, one of the most important concerns for businesses is how to get the word out on their products and services. While traditional broadcast advertising still has its place in American consumerism, many companies are looking for more engaging and relevant ways to keep consumers informed and interested; here are some suggestions on how best to spend your company’s marketing budget.

Marketing in the Modern World

When it comes to advertising, they key to success is determining where one’s customer base is located. E-co

How to Use LED Commercial Business Signs to Increase Your ROI and Attract More Customers

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You’ve invested in traditional newspaper ads. You’ve tried radio, TV and other print publications. Whether you’re a fast-growing business or a well-established church or school that needs to maintain a positive image, traditional advertising efforts can not only be frustrating, but they can also be eating into your profits.

If you’re looking for a quick and consistent way to increase your ROI — and after all, who isn’t? – consider investing in commercial business signs. Digital signage can make your organization more visible to the public, and more importantly,

Ensuring Job Safety With the Right Equipment and Training

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Over 40 years ago, there were a reported 10.9 worker injuries per every 100 workers each year. By five years ago, that number had reduced to 3.4 incidents per 100 workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid out mandatory personal fall arrest system requirements to help reduce these numbers even further. Employers are required to provide employees with adequate fall protection equipment, such as ladders, scaffolds, and safety gear; and requisite training such as fall arrest training or rigging certification. OSHA recommends a three step process to prevent falls in workplaces: Plan, provide, and train.

  1. Plan

    By planning ahead, employers and employees can prepare how to accomplish a job in the safest manner possible. Before starting work on a project

How the Web Design World of 2016 is Different

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Alabama web design

Did you know that there are over a billion smartphones in the world today? Not surprisingly, people are using these phones to access various websites about the products and services they need.

If you?re a company with a website, you likely realize this and understand that great web design is key to not only having customer visit your site, but ensuring that they make a purchase and return later as a repeat customer.

The internet of 2016 is a whole different world than it used to be. What should you be keeping in mind?

Freelance Web Designers are a Dying Breed

The time has come and gone for websites being a one time transaction. Instead, websites need to be routinely cared for and updated. When so much is riding on the line, it simply doesn?t make sense to entrus