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All the Facts On Keeping a Parking Lot Clean

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 29th, 2017. Posted in Dc parking lot sweeping, Northern virginia sweeping service, Street sweeper rental

Parking lot sweeping

There are many aspects of how to run and sustain a successful business and everyone seems to have their own opinions on what is most important. Some people will tell you that having a strong human resources department is essential to having a successful business because the building blocks of a strong business pertain mostly to the types of employees you hire. However, others will tell you that you have to keep your workplace clean to prevent your employees from missing work time.

The latter is incredibly true, especially in terms of keeping employees healthy. Take it a step further and understand that from a pure reputation standpoint you should aim to keep the outside area of your buidling clean as well. It only takes a few seconds for your business to make a first impression, and you do not want

4 Crucial Signs It’s Time to Update Product Packaging

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 27th, 2017. Posted in Ammo storage cases, Clam packaging, Customizable packaging solutions/options

223 ammo box

Every company wants to ensure that products are expertly packaged. You might find that you’re under the impression it’s time to update packaging for products. Statistics from the 2016 West Rock Customer Insights find that 26% of those surveyed felt that product packaging is an important aspects of overall product satisfaction. It’s important to note that this number of 26% is up for 13% seen in 2013. Businesses have a lot of matters to tend to throughout a typical day. It’s easy for product packaging to quickly fall behind the times. Here are four crucial signs it’s time to update the product packaging of your business.

  1. Sales Begin to Decline

    If you’ve noticed that revenue is beginning to slip, it could because your packaging is dated. Unfortunately, everything begins to show

Four Reasons You Need Routine Fire Alarm Inspections

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 27th, 2017. Posted in Fire sprinkler maintenance service, Fire sprinkler repair, Fire sprinkler service ft. lauderdale

Fire sprinkler installation service

If you are a business owner of any type, you likely have a fire system installed into your building. You are aware that this fire system requires regular fire sprinkler maintenance and inspections, but you might not know why. You might find it a hassle to regularly test this system that you never use. Routine inspections and fire sprinkler repairs are needed for the following reasons.

To ensure that they are still working

Fire alarms and sprinklers, fortunately, do not often get used. However, you don?t want to need it one day and find that it is not working properly. For this reason,

How to Best Use a School Marquee

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 18th, 2017. Posted in Electronic signs for business, Full color led signs, Signs for government

Full color led signs

A wide range of consumer studies have shown the overwhelming benefits of eye-catching and easy to read signage. These studies have shown that people will make decisions based on the signs they see while driving and new things catch their eyes, so being able to frequently change what the sign says is most effective.

The most effective way to accomplish this is with an LED marquee sign. A school marquee should be a good size, visible from the road, and a full color LED sign to get the greatest impact. This will make it highly visible regardless of the nature light level, and it will be easy to read. LED signs are highly effective due to the sharp contrast in colors, which make them extremely easy to read.

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School LED Signs are the Best Option Regardless of the Size fo the School

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Led business signs

When it comes to school signs, you’ve seen them all. There are the once beautiful wood painted signs. These signs were once a beautiful tribute to the school, but have been badly beaten by the weather and quickly start to look decrepit and unprofessional. Painted wood signs can be kept looking great through yearly maintenance which may include taking the sign down, making repairs, and repainting. There is so much maintenance involved, the school might as well be buying a new sign each year.

There are also the school marquee signs with the plastic runners and clear plastic cards with bold black letters on them. These are the signs where you have to slide all the letters off and slide the new letters on in order each time you

How to Keep Your Customers

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The word of business is not easy to navigate for people who own businesses. There are many layers when it comes to building a business that is going to be successful. For many people, even starting from the top in terms of who you hire and staff for your business is important in playing a crucial role for your business.

One of the most important aspects of running a business is a culmination of many important things, and this is keeping customers. Understanding what customers want is not easy and yet there are a few commonalities that customers enjoy.
For instance, it has been determined that colour can increase a brands recognition by nearly 80% which is impressive in terms of it being a relatively small change.

Here is what you need to know about service, strategy, and keeping a customer happy.

Planning to Get Organized? Self-Storage Units Can Streamline This Process

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 9th, 2017. Posted in Cheap storage, Cheap storage unit, Storage unit sizes

Storage units

Even though the average size of an American house has doubled since the 1970s, these homes still don’t seem to have enough storage space. Part of the reason for this is due to the average household possessing about 300,000 items. While some of these items may include furniture, lamps, and rugs that are placed throughout the home, a large percentage of these are tools, supplies, and other types of personal belongings that just don’t quite fit.

While many homes have attics, garages, and basements, there may still not be sufficient space to store everything a family owns and wants to hold onto. The results of a Self Storage Association study showed that by 2007, half of the self-storage users

Do Your Business Understand the Pitfalls of the Customer Service Industry?

Written by Small Business Magazine on September 4th, 2017. Posted in Best process management software, Business process management software, Productivity time tracker

Simple ticket management system

Managing software design requests can be a challenging task. Keeping track of when requests are made and when they are completed, though, is essential. With the right business process management system, however, tracking productivity and efficiency is much more manageable. in fact, the best work order software solutions provide digital feedback to both clients and suppliers.
Helpdesk ticketing system software packages provide digital documentation so that answers and solutions are not only found, but that they are recorded so that they can be referred to at a later date. Given that so much of our life relies on complex network providers, it should come as no surprise that when a