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3 Most Functional Types of Temporary Bridges

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 30th, 2017. Posted in Heavy duty shoring, Shoring and propping equipment, Shoring equipment

Shoring equipment

Bridges are of different types and they are categorized according to the structural elements used, materials used and their specific application. Many companies offer temporary access road solutions for different site access situations. They specialize in everything from installation, rehabilitation to the removal of temporary bridges.

Temporary bridge construction may be as simple as timber bridges or complex as steel panel bridges that are mainly used to create access over drainage ditches, wetlands, waterways, rivers, and streams. When you have to rent a temporary bridge for your site’s needs, there are three main options that may be best suited for your application. These inc

Signs You’re Working With A Great Staffing Agency

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 27th, 2017. Posted in Job agency in dallas, Staff your business, Staffing agency

Temp agency

If you’re thinking of working with an employment agency, there are many factors you need to take into consideration and signs that can help show you if an employment agency is a good one. This can range from the breadth of opportunities the agency can offer you, to how good of communication there is between you and a recruiter. Staffing companies can be great avenues for finding rewarding jobs, but you need to make sure you are working with one that has your best interest in mind and is not a scam or is trying to just get money out of you.

Here is what to look for when deciding on an employment agency.

1. Communication is key

You are interested in an employment agency for a reason, to find <

Reasons to Consider a Holistic Approach to HCM

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 26th, 2017. Posted in Compensation management, Hr solution, Hr technology

Hr software

Employee retention and human resource management (HCM) are two very important parts of any business, big or small. Keeping workers happy and engaged can be a challenging task. Part of that, but not all, is balancing your employee benefits packages. To hold on to workers and keep things moving well, more and more companies are seeing the benefit to moving to a more holistic approach to dealing with human resources (HR) and compensation management systems.

HR Drive looked at the move behind such a shift in how companies work across H

Construction Site Cleaning Why More Is Safer

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 26th, 2017. Posted in Janitorial cleaning services, Post construction clean up, Post construction clean up in delaware

Post construction clean up in delaware

Did you know that many people consider their keyboards to have way more germs than toilet seats? Did you know that workplace environments are some of the most hazardous when it comes to physical health? Did you know that those shared workspaces–desks, elevators, counters–have millions of germs, many of them harmful?

Those may not surprise you. It stands to reason that when any number of people share a space, whether at home or at the job, there is a likelihood that germs will spread quickly, especially in the common areas. Unfortunately, that does not make it any easier to work in that environment, especially if you are someone who is prone to sickness.

Here are some of the ugly statistics surrounding germ-filled workplaces:

  • On average, office phones have over 25,00

Tungsten And Molybdenum Evaporation Boats And How They Work

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 20th, 2017. Posted in Custom vacuum furnace products, Manufacturing, Vacuum parts

Glass melting electrode

Picture a pot of boiling water with a lid covering it. The steam rises to the lid, condenses, and little water droplets form. Now picture a pot of molten metal with a lid covering it. What happens when you heat the pot hot enough? The same process occurs, except the lid, instead of being coated with water gets coated with a layer of evaporated and resolidified metal. When this process is done in a vacuum, the lid will be covered with a smooth coat of resolidified metal. The pot, in this case, is called a crucible, and the lid is the deposition point. If you changed the shape of a crucible to look like a flattened Viking boat and made it smaller, it would be an evaporation boat.

Wait, how do crucibles get hot enough to boil metal?

Different types of metal have different m

LTL Shipping Perfect for the Retail Environment

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 20th, 2017. Posted in Freight carriers, Overweight shipping, Specialty freight

Expedited freight

While the trucking industry has long been regarded as a stronghold for manly men, lately it seems like the more lustrous parts of the trucking industry are held to the standard and whims of a changing retail environment, brought about by one-click shipping and an online retail market.

The likes of Amazon and other online retailers changed the way shipping has been played, most notably in terms of quick shipping across the country. And while these online marketplaces have functioned using planes to get their shipments quickly across the country, they still rely on trucks to get those shipments through the states and then the cities.

Quick shipments across the country look like this. Amazon pairs together a company, often a small business, from somewhere in the country to a person in another part of

The Right Business Signage to Bring in the Masses

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 18th, 2017. Posted in Electronic message signs, Led board sign

Electronic message signs

Building a business can be a difficult and overwhelming endeavor. Getting it off of the ground is surely one of the hardest aspects of running a business, but it doesn’t necessarily become easy from there. Those who have a vision and the determination to get there will have the best chance of succeeding, especially if they are utilizing all of the help and resources that they have available to them.

So what makes running a business so difficult? There are plenty of factors that contribute to making this goal such a lofty one. However, that also means that when it does succeed, the resulting feeling is all the more rewarding. Just a few things that potential business owners must consider include dealing with hiring and employee turnover, payroll, taxes, bills, and fees, ensuring that you ha

Four Methods for Reducing Small Business Shipping Costs

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 17th, 2017. Posted in Broker software, Load board integration, Ltl shipments

Transport management solution

Small businesses often face unique challenges in the business industry. Shipping challenges especially can be difficult when you are just starting out. You do not qualify for the same volume discounts as businesses with larger number orders do. You aren?t able to fill shipping trucks with the full load, meaning you rely on others shipping prices and timelines. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these small business shipping challenges.

Pass on shipping charges to the customer

Newer businesses sometimes pass on at least a part of the shipping charges. Depending on the type of product, some customers are willing to pay a shipping charge. If you can get a good manufacturing cost of your products, you can also offer a better product price to your customers. Cover a portion o

Four Important Ways to Increase Business Brand Reputation

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 14th, 2017. Posted in Louisville marketing, Online marketing firm louisville ky, Website design louisville


What does your brand mean to you? When customers think of your brand, what are they thinking? Are return customers able to identify your brand simply by looking at a logo or slogan? Branding is one of the most important parts of business. Without effective brand management, you will find it difficult to grow and succeed as a business. The following factors are important in creating and maintaining a strong business brand.

Print branding
Although the internet has become extremely important in today?s marketing world, print marketing is still necessary. Print marketing is capturing your potential customer with thinks like flyers, postcards, and billboards. Print branding is especially effective if it pairs nicely with Continue Reading No Comments

How the Housing Shortage Can Be Addressed With Repurposed Shipping Containers

Written by Small Business Magazine on November 10th, 2017. Posted in Conex containers, Modular housing solutions

Modular housing solutions

While there is a definite housing shortage within the United States, there is a specific need for more affordable housing. When this is combined with the pressing need to construct homes in areas ravaged by natural disasters, shipping containers can provide a viable and welcome solution for this issue.

Currently, there are over 17 million people in the United States that live in manufactured homes. This includes modified shipping containers. In addition to being eco-green, these containers are constructed out of 85% recycled steel. Furthermore, they are fully recyclable when demolished. When these containers are repurposed, it saves considerably on new building materials.